Weekend reading

This is January in Arizona

This is January in Arizona. Sunshine, patio cleaning, and reading cookbooks in the afternoon sun. Hate us, colder climates. I give you permission to. If you’re reading on your patio, by your fire, on your phone in line, or at the library computer this weekend, here’s stories, articles, and recipes I liked this week.

– A reflection on Nigel Slater’s Epiphany Day Soup at The Kitchn. I went straight to Amazon and contemplated buying Mr. Slater’s “Tender” for the 100th time.

– Dear Economist, I am not disciplined enough to keep up. This article on a virtual and accessible workforce = worth my continued effort to keep reading.

– A bright, winter salad from A Girl Named Allyn

– For all you get fit and start running new year’s resolution makers, find inspiration from my BFOWP (that’s best friend on wordpress.com) Annie at the The Little GSP. 38+ races over the past 14 months. I call that rocking it.

    • Katie said:

      All of your hard work and focus is pretty well deserving of it 🙂


  1. I was looking for Amaranth the other day for some hot morning cereal. So delish. None at Trader Joe’s :/ I have to go to Whole Foods! 🙂


    • Katie said:

      Is it weird that I don’t like going to Whole Foods? Maybe it’s because I get lost in how big it is…have you tried Amazon? I’ve been buying a lot of my grains through Amazon. They have pretty decent prices on things like Bobs Red Mill.


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