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Weekend Reading

That’s my weekend and non weekend reading in the photo. I’ve started with the Diana Henry book, “A Change of Appetite.” I’m enjoying the fresh dishes and simple preparations. Can’t wait to cook from it. For reading around the web, here’s a few links I found interesting:

  • The realities of creative life, a series from Medium
  • A look inside the Consumer Reports testing process. I know that I review CR for big purchases, most recently for toilets. Gladly, that testing process is not discussed in the article.
  • A different perspective on fairy tales and bed time stories.

I spent the day in the rain today, enjoying conversation with friends and the occasional golf game at the Phoenix Open. I’m hoping for a wet, rainy Saturday to enjoy some reading and cup of tea.

At the Open


Weekend Reading | Kitchen Notes

We’re off to Colorado this holiday weekend for a little family time, skiing, and R&R. This will be Casey’s first year on the “big skis” after over a decade skating around on snow blades. I’m excited to see how he likes them! On the drive, here’s what we’ll be listening to:

Stuff You Missed in History. We’ve been with this podcast for at least 4 years now. It’s a good way for me to get my history nerd on.

Serial. This has been all over the internets as of late and I’m eager to find out if we like it. Nothing like an 8 hour car trip to test out something new

And for reading, here are my favorites for the week:

– Bec over at My Bloggable Day posted incredible pictures of blue, serene water. Nothing like beach pictures during the winter!

– I’ve been working only improving my photo processing with Adobe Lightroom and enjoyed this matte Lightroom tutorial over at Eat the Love.

– I just finished Anthony Ryan’s Blood Song. It’s been a while since an epic fantasy style novel has engrossed me — I cared about the main character and his evolution and didn’t want to put the book down.

This is January in Arizona

This is January in Arizona. Sunshine, patio cleaning, and reading cookbooks in the afternoon sun. Hate us, colder climates. I give you permission to. If you’re reading on your patio, by your fire, on your phone in line, or at the library computer this weekend, here’s stories, articles, and recipes I liked this week.

– A reflection on Nigel Slater’s Epiphany Day Soup at The Kitchn. I went straight to Amazon and contemplated buying Mr. Slater’s “Tender” for the 100th time.

– Dear Economist, I am not disciplined enough to keep up. This article on a virtual and accessible workforce = worth my continued effort to keep reading.

– A bright, winter salad from A Girl Named Allyn

– For all you get fit and start running new year’s resolution makers, find inspiration from my BFOWP (that’s best friend on Annie at the The Little GSP. 38+ races over the past 14 months. I call that rocking it.

Return Flight from Hawaii

Vacation is over, a new phone procured, and the kitchen has been in full swing since I woke up this morning. I’m so looking forward to sharing the next food adventures with you. In the meantime, if you’re like me, holiday shopping has barely started. Yet, we’re 10 days away from Christmas.

Here’s a quick list of goodies:

  • For the gourmand in your life, Around the World Sausage Sample Royale
  • For your friend who’s always too busy to cook: invite yourself over, bring some wine, and cook her a meal while she goes about her business. These recipes from Sabrina Ghayour’s new cook book are sure to brighten up a winter day.
  • Treat yourself to a bit of shimmer with this layered ring from Pandora.

From around the web, some wonderfully curated guides from some of my favorite bloggers:

  • I really appreciate the guide from Dinner: A Love Story. There’s whimsy, elegance, and books (my favorite) all wrapped with quick vignettes on why the item is in the guide.
  • Joanna Goddard’s curated list includes specifics for husbands, sisters, best friends, brothers.
  • David Lebovitz’s guide is definitely food centered, but includes great ideas for edible gifts. And let’s face it, how nice is it when we get a gift to enjoy, rather than a nick knack to find a spot for in the house?
  • There were many, many new cook books that came out this here. Here are just a few!

Gosh October flew by! Where did it go? How did you spend it?

I spent mine with one too many Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes or Pumpkin Chai Teas. Snuggling with Lyla. Taking obligatory pictures out of plane and car windows (I might have been driving, but stalled in traffic for that one). And enjoying mountain views from my hotel balcony. And homecoming with my sister in law.

I’m also trying to game less, since I spent a fair amount of time in September and early October on Guild Wars 2, saving the world with some awesome peeps from across the continent (and potentially globe). Leveling new characters and having a good time.

But I realized, as I’m want to do after gaming binges, that how I spend my time is in my control. So I’m controlling the video gaming habit going into year end. So that I can read more. Here are some articles:

  • The Laborers that keep our Facebook (and other social media) free from things we don’t want to see. I mean crap — how many of us think about this? And how many of us would want that job? Thank you.
  • This savory tart. I know it’s fall, and we’re moving away from tomatoes and towards winter squash. But seriously: yum.
  • This book. The nerd in me is stoked.

And then today, I drove by a bakery I don’t always make it to and indulged myself in some fresh baked bread. A treat from my time growing up in Germany. And really, isn’t fresh baked bread the perfect way to end a post?

pretzel rolls | kitchen notes and other sundries

This month has brought a few articles my way about cooking, eating, and growing up with food. The first is Mark Bittman’s New York Time’s article “Getting Your Kids to Eat (or at Least Try) Everything.” The second a series on Epicurious about cooking after baby, chronicling learnings from some of my favorites, include Smitten Kitchen author and the Wednesday Chef. Even Cooking Light took time this month to touch on the relationship we have to cooking.

Which go me thinking…I’d love to hear from you. Why do you cook? What is your history with cooking? Eating? And then the proverbial question, do we eat to live or live to eat?


Hello from some place other than Arizona! It’s warm, rainy, humid, and it’s not Florida. But it is filled with friends old and new, and it’s just too bad to not have enough time for everyone.

Tonight, for dinner, I met up with a wonderful group of people so large, we took up at least two twelve person booths. There were spring rolls, egg rolls, dumplings, red curry, sushi. All delicious. Made of course better by the power of conversation, which you know I’m a fan of. Blame the extrovert in me!

So, here  are some recipes from across the web that I’m inspired by after this tasty evening.

Warm and spiced butternut squash curry perfect for cooler weather.

All the best of a crispy Samosa in a soup.

Pot stickers for a quick and easy meal. And I do mean quick and easy once the effort has been made in making them 🙂

Enjoy your mid October week!


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