How did this start…honestly, it started in October of 2010, when I picked up Brussels Sprouts – a veggie I’ve had some fabricated memory of disliking – and roasting them in the oven with olive oil and salt. From there, food became an adventure. I started soaking and boiling my own beans (I’m over that, it’s too hot here for that labor of love), trying to make elaborate meals on weeknights, and using Casey as a guinea pig.

It also started from a young age. No, I wasn’t in the kitchen cooking up a storm like a Mozart-esque prodigy. I do distinctly remember the kitchen as a focal point, dinner as a family affair, food as a central sticking point in the home. I kept my mom company in the kitchen, learning to cook organically (recipe free), and learning that just because this dish is delicious tonight does not mean it will taste the same next time it’s made (one of the few pitfalls to recipe free cooking).

And it’s part therapeutic for me. Throughout college, there was a writing workshop in at least every other semester. Now a few years removed, I find myself missing having something to write about. Why not choose food? Sure, it’s been done before. Of course, it’ll be done again.

What will you find here: everyday type fare. Food to get you through weekdays and weekends. Baked delights to delight and bribe friends with. Oh, and pictures of one super adorable Snowshoe Siamese, named Parker, and his  loving little “sister” Lyla.

Katie in Paris | Kitchen Notes

A word about the recipes:

Let’s get the bad news out of the way first: I am in no way a professional recipe writer, tester, or cook. I have no professional experience, unless you count the two cooking classes I took at Sur La Table (one as a mom/daughter date, the other as husband/wife date). And surprisingly, unlike the other areas of my life, when I cook it’s surprisingly unstructured, al la many of Nigel Slater’s recipes and many of my mom’s too. So what this mean for you, dear readers?

  • If it’s a baking recipe, measurements are as exact as they can be, accounting for baking styles. I use all purpose baking flour, unless otherwise stated. The whole wheat flour of choice is whole wheat pastry flour.
  • If it’s a cooking recipe, I encourage you to take the measurements with a grain of salt. I am precise where I can be, but encourage everyone to experiment and adjust a recipe to their own taste. We all have varying degrees of spice tolerance, flavor profiles, and general food enjoyment. Take my recipes as foundation. Build to deliciousness from there.
  • Due to the above point, I adapt many of my recipes from other bloggers, cooks, chefs, and veritable food geniuses. I do my best to always give credit where it is due, linking back to the original recipe. Take a gander at the original – you may find another blog or resource to add you your repertoire.

A word about the pictures:

All pictures on this site are my own, and copyrighted as such. If you’d like to use them, please reach out to obtain my permission.

I shoot the pictures in my kitchen/dining room/patio using a Canon T3 Rebel and a 50mm lens. I currently do not use a tripod, though I should. I try to use natural light when I have it. Previously, I shot with a variety of hand me down cameras. If you look back to the beginning (please don’t), you’ll see the growth in styling and general technical improvement.

A word about perfection:

Life is not perfect (understatement of the century). I am not perfect (don’t let Casey read that). I often make typos, which I promise to correct if you point them out to me. This blog is a hobby for me, but I love the support and input from all of you — whether it’s critiques, copy edits, or general joy.

A word about the author:

Loves reading. Loves pictures. Spends countless hours on the internet. Plays too much guild wars 2. Spoils two Siamese cats. Reluctantly hikes with husband. Travels to beautiful places. Lives in a hot city. Day dreams just enough, but not enough. Always wants to redecorate the house. Watches too much netflix. Thinks rainy days are to be spent with a cup of tea, a cat, and a good book.

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  1. a french girl "cuisine" said:

    Thank you very much for following my blog!


    • Katie said:

      You’re very welcome. Looking forward to reading about your cooking adventures.


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